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Zlegius' Blog

This is a blog about what's going on in Zane Katur's life.

  1. Busy, but not too much for UnScape

    I am BUSY. And yet, I surf the internet.
    What a shining example.
    I am supposed to be coding.
    Meh. Tomorrow. Or not.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share a few thoughts.

    If man is perfection, then what do we strive towards?

    Why do women speak a completely different language?

    How many licks does it t-- (ENOUGH!)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Bloggage

    Wow, first blog post in awhile. I got a new beautiful computer called the Alienware M14X. It's very sexy.

    So. The subject. Yesterday, my parents decided it would be a great idea to drag us all to the beach.
    Oh joy.
    So first, we get there and I do a faceplant straight onto cement. Wonderful omen. So I get up, brush myself off, and am promptly nailed in the nuts by my dad's cooler. Oh. God.
    To round off the day, we went to get ice cream, at which point someone's ...
  3. Don't Take The Candy

    So, here's another blog post. Yippee.

    So, today is spring break, and in accordance with my job (groundskeeper) today is one of the lawnmowing days. So I head over to Mr. V's house, and am about to get started when he reveals that his lawnmower is not, in fact, working. So, I start to head home when his puppy (ugh) leaps out of his doorway and attaches itself to my ankle. Puppies have sharp teeth. So I fall straight into a thistle, and get up with thorns in my face, puppy still ...
  4. Dayday

    Well, I've decided to start up a blog, and this is how I'm gonna do it. UnScape Style.

    So today was an especially nice day, starting out with a 2-hour delay for school. This morning we got to watch a documentary about Vietcong, and our teacher accidentally did not censor it. A bat flew by the poor guides face, and he yelled "BAT MOTHER F*CKER!". The entire class quickly dissolved laughing, and Mr. Mulder heightened the hilarity by falling out of his chair and saying, "Holy ...
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