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  1. Digirular1's Avatar
    I have your other one somewhere, but not this one I never downloaded it
  2. Ripvayne's Avatar
    Hey, I'm looking around my files for a copy of this as I want to use it. If anyone has this downloaded, would you please upload it? Thanks
  3. Tanner's Avatar
    I hate to post on something so old, but does anyone have this so they can re-upload it? I really want it.
  4. Br0's Avatar
    this theme is awesme <3 thanks zach for the update
  5. Ripvayne's Avatar

    I have changed the gameframe. Added Dragons around the minimap to make use of the space, and fixed some graphical errors involving some of the tabs.

  6. Emperor's Avatar
    Lol, Thanks kyler. That shit worked for me.
  7. Epilepsy's Avatar
    rip. would you like me to design something? i bet i could help.
  8. Immortal Pie's Avatar
    Go into Windows E find Unborn_filestore make a file called custom. Inside of that make a file called sprites. Open the file that you downloaded from here, extract the files into your custom>sprites file. Reload the client and it should be good.
  9. Emperor's Avatar
    Okay okay, i think i got it but wait..What do i do again after my dick went into a fan?
  10. Akatsuki's Avatar
    Instructions were not clear, my dick is stuck in a toaster. Please make instructions specific.
  11. Emperor's Avatar
    How does one add it
  12. Immortal Pie's Avatar
    Love it. I'm currently using it nice work zach thanks for the awesome gameframe!
  13. Ripvayne's Avatar
    The sword doesn't mean or do anything Dries, I was just trying to add something cool to the gameframe :v
  14. Emperor's Avatar
    Gameframe looks good..Should make a tut to make our own frame at some point.

    And also...What does that sword mean on the bottom?
  15. Br0's Avatar
    Oh yeah red is my favriout colour. Loved your work zach =D
  16. Unborn's Avatar

    Seriously though, that's fucked. :/ I hope everything goes well and everyone in your family emerges from this healthier than ever.
  17. Nick's Avatar
    dig* people should see this its cool
  18. Tanner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ripvayne
    I have updated the download links!
    Thanks a lot!
  19. Ripvayne's Avatar
    I have updated the download links!
  20. Hell Skyline's Avatar
    damn thats nice.
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