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  1. Poetry: A Rose Between - 8/11/14

    Its rough work finding peace of mind

    For yet a rosestem remains, curled firm betwixt our hands

    And though this unwatered flower can only wither

    These dead thorns remind me of our forgotten plans

    A bitter recall to the gardens we tended those cool spring nights

    Oh how foolishly I would dive into that rosebush again

    Updated 11 August 2014 at 12:51 PM by Ripvayne

  2. Ripvayne's Happy New Year - 1/2/2012

    Happy New Year everyone! How did you guys spend the holidays? For Christmas I sat on my ass playing MineCraft all day. As the usual, however, for my New Years I went to a totally awesome bro party and just had a good time in general.

  3. The Amazing Blog of Ripvayne - UnScape Awards Results! - 1/16/11

    Hey folks! The results of the UnScape Awards of 2010 are in! Here are your winners:

    • Best Known Member: Squishy410
    • Best Staff Member: Mike
    • Most Helpful Member: Mike
    • Most Influential Member: Mike
    • Funniest Member: Runkkumasa
    • Nicest Member:Squishy410
    • Best Graphic Designer: Demon
    • Hardass Staff Member: Dr Lochie

    Congratulations to the winning candidates!
    The winners have been given banners above

    Updated 17 January 2011 at 03:47 PM by Ripvayne

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