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  1. The Door's Window 2 - Another Year, Another Pointless blog!

    Hey guys! This is my second blog, as I'm sure you could tell from the title with a big old "2" in it. For those of you that don't know, The Door's Window is a series of blogs I'm writing on here just to let you guys into my head a little bit, which I explained with a bad joke in my last blog .

    So, what to talk about? Honestly. I have no fucking idea. I feel like I should write something about the New Year, but honestly, what is there to write? Every year we hear the same ...
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  2. The Door's Window 1 - Christmas 2010 Thoughts

    Yeah, so. I guess I'll occasionally post a blog on here, which I'll call The Door's Window, and just give little insights into the random shit I've been doing and thinking about lately, like a window into the life of the door, hence the name. ... Get it? Y'know with the - fuck you..

    So, Christmas in, what? 4 Days now? Something like that. And I literally just bought the presents I had to today.
    Now, I know Christmas is the season of giving, but really, it's getting rediculous. ...