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Hi there!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by at my blog!

In here, you will find several experiences in my overall life which I find worth mentioning. Aside of that, I'm maintaining a separate category which is aimed to share my stories about developing Excellia.

Don't know what Excellia is? Click here!

You can find more information about the categories by clicking here.

Thanks again, and have fun reading!

- Mike

  1. Living In Reverse Mode

    Noticed this on Facebook, thought you'd like it.

    Have you ever thought what would happen if you would live your life backwards? Seems like a lot more fun to me!

    For starters you stand up from the grave, which is a spectacular beginning. When you get up out of your coffin, you're being welcomed by your family and best friends, so you don't have to make new ones... And they all brought a flower with them!

    Then you can sit around for 20 years doing whatever ...

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  2. The End

    This was killing me, and there's never a right time to say goodbye, but I just have to do this.

    I am so glad that I met you all,
    You've made a big impact in my life.
    And it is thanks to you,
    Why I remained strong.

    Your friendships meant the world to me,
    Believe me, they truly did.
    And I just want you all to know that,
    From me you will always find love.

    Now we are going our separate ways,
    Maybe never to meet again.
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  3. Excellia - Jagcached File Server Integration

    While I was working on fixing the last bugs I had in the trading system (which were mostly just things I didn't think about while doing the bigger scaled features), I was thinking of what I wanted to do when it was finished. Which raised the question of "What is something that I really want to have in Excellia, and at the same time is a very comfortable feature for the user?".

    The ...
  4. Excellia - Trading & Player State Listeners

    As mentioned in the previous post, I was going to work on trading. Well I've done so and I must say that the results are quite satisfying. I haven't been working on Excellia a lot for the past days, and when I was I often got distracted by other activities (whether they were related to Excellia or not).But I've managed to get myself back on track, and have created an almost complete trading system. The only things that I ...
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  5. "The Last Day"

    This is an English version of a Dutch song which really touches me and I think a lot of others here.

    It's called The Last Day by Marco Borsato. He wrote this along with a Dutch version of it, in dedication to Warchild. And basically it is about what you would do, if it would be the last day you live.

    I've been through quite some hard times to let this song make ...
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