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Hi there!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by at my blog!

In here, you will find several experiences in my overall life which I find worth mentioning. Aside of that, I'm maintaining a separate category which is aimed to share my stories about developing Excellia.

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Thanks again, and have fun reading!

- Mike

  1. Excellia - Jagcached File Server Integration

    While I was working on fixing the last bugs I had in the trading system (which were mostly just things I didn't think about while doing the bigger scaled features), I was thinking of what I wanted to do when it was finished. Which raised the question of "What is something that I really want to have in Excellia, and at the same time is a very comfortable feature for the user?".

    The ...
  2. Excellia - Flawless Banking

    In the previous post I mentioned I would work on the item support some more. Well, I did.

    I've been optimising and improving the way it was handled, going all the way back to the roots of the item support system. I've managed to reduce the work that comes with item support handling, applying the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle wherever possible. After those improvements and quite some ...
  3. Excellia - Item support

    So today I've mostly been focusing on improving the item support system. I already had a basic system which dealt with the rough edges (equipping/un-equipping, depositing and withdrawing). Though that was just temporary, and totally not to my likings.

    Now, I've written a neat system which allows me to fully manage any item-related activity on the server. Amongst those classes, there is an item ...
  4. Excellia - Networking Part 1: Packet/Event Encoding & Decoding

    Today I finally found the end of the tunnel of networking. Some people might already know that the entire Excellia networking system has been my biggest bother so far in the programming scene. But I can now finally say that it's approaching it's end. I think I've redone it about 5-7 times, but as I mentioned earlier, I keep improving myself until I'm satisfied.

    I'll start by explaining to you how I ...
  5. Excellia - The Engine

    I’ve spent quite some time on writing a proper engine which could support all required types of servers for Excellia.

    In my mind, the engine had to support at least the following:

    • The game server, which basically deals with player login, rendering and lower-priority I/O, and;
    • The login server, which deals with saving/loading and also lower-priority I/O, and;
    • A friend ...

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