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Hi there!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by at my blog!

In here, you will find several experiences in my overall life which I find worth mentioning. Aside of that, I'm maintaining a separate category which is aimed to share my stories about developing Excellia.

Don't know what Excellia is? Click here!

You can find more information about the categories by clicking here.

Thanks again, and have fun reading!

- Mike

  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Let me give you a quick explanation of the categories;

    • Normal: Regular experiences in life, which I find worth mentioning.
    • UnScape: My experiences and thoughts around and about the whole UnScape scene.
    • Excellia: The development of Excellia, a RuneScape emulator. I will place my experiences in developing it here.

    I've never really had a blog, and if I did I would never maintain it like I should. So I'm going to try ...

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