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  1. i did something guilty

    let's find out what guilty thing that i did.

    one day i was in mosque pray at 4 am when i finished i decided to walk to my house alone with out going with my dad in the car. so i start to walk , but i realised that there is someone stalking me i look to my back and it was cat who stalking me i try to shoo him away but he is not scared so i carry him and i said to myslef let's take him to nice place so there was a nighbore he is police
    do you know what i did? i ...
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  2. Beatyful dream.

    -Ask your self ?

    why do we close our eyes , when we hug ({}) , when we dream (0.0) , because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen , but felt by heart<3
  3. how to kill all ants that live in your house!

    To get rid of ants
    ************************************************** ************************************************
    1) sugar
    2) black pepper
    3) Ceramic small pieces

    Mingle with some of the material ..
    Placed in every corner of the house

    The ant will come and eat the suger after that she will smell black pepper and senees whichher head will crash in ceramic and die.

  4. werid family

    The female spider to kill the male after receiving a vaccination and throw outside the home .. and after that the boys who grow up to kill the mother and thrown out of the house ..

    ^ sick family
  5. Short story

    If you don't like me ☞Take a map ☞Get a car ☞Drive to Hell Have a nice trip motherfucker =D
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