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  1. Inferno's Avatar
    This is why I'm proud to be Canadian
  2. Br0's Avatar
    Sorry for late reply.

    The dog kill that cat.
  3. Akatsuki's Avatar
    It's good to let that out. It's not good to keep secrets like that inside Hamza. But in all honesty, you should probably find out if that cat had an owner, if it did, tell them what happened. They'll probably most likely get mad at you, but you won't have a guilty conscience.
  4. Emperor's Avatar
    What the actual fuck
  5. Ripvayne's Avatar
    i cry everytiem
  6. Emperor's Avatar
    What the actual fuck.
  7. Faithbludude's Avatar
    Love it. <3
  8. Br0's Avatar
    Try to rip me off
  9. Akatsuki's Avatar
    Such moving words... I could see the story unfold in my head like a movie... Someone get the tissues...
  10. Unborn's Avatar
    Fucking brilliant blog, mate. You should consider purchasing glowing hitmarkers while they're on sale for only $499. It's so cheap you're basically losing money by not buying it!
  11. Br0's Avatar
    That was just a test only.I will post good blog next time
  12. Emperor's Avatar
    Br0, I have nothing against you....But if you're gonna type this into a new blog, you might aswell leave it.

    This is like creating a thread and put "hello" in it aka kinda useless.