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  1. New skill thoughts

    I'm curious what everybody is interested in having added. I would honestly love fishing to be added then cooking, under what I have seen it looks more like smithing will be next. Please drop a comment, I would love to know where you all stand on this subject
  2. Blog

    This is a blog entry
  3. Thank you for your support.

    I would like to make a blog post just thanking you all for your support and possessive feedback on my first unscape commentary posted to the forums.
    It really makes me want to do more of this, and I would love all of the help that any of you have to offer. If you would like to be in one of these videos and/or do an interview about the game let me know I would be happy to include you in the video.
    Thanks again!!
    See you around unscape!
  4. Living In Reverse Mode

    Noticed this on Facebook, thought you'd like it.

    Have you ever thought what would happen if you would live your life backwards? Seems like a lot more fun to me!

    For starters you stand up from the grave, which is a spectacular beginning. When you get up out of your coffin, you're being welcomed by your family and best friends, so you don't have to make new ones... And they all brought a flower with them!

    Then you can sit around for 20 years doing whatever ...

    Updated 11 September 2012 at 10:29 PM by Mike

  5. 1

    no idea wtf this was.

    Updated 31 December 2012 at 07:01 AM by Donut

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