About Excellia

Excellia is a Java-based game server suite which is aimed to provide a stable, secure and highly scalable RuneScape emulator. It is a project which I work on in my spare time, as a hobby and as an attempt to learn more than just my profession.

The main goal of this entire project is not so much to check my own capabilities, but more to learn the art of Java programming in my own way. There have been, and there definitely will come more, parts of the project which have been redone multiple times. The reason I do this is because I want to keep improving the results until I'm completely satisfied.

What will happen to the source once I'm finished is just as unknown to you as it is to me. I don't have any plans with this because as mentioned before, this is mainly for me to learn from. I am not intending on launching a private server myself because I simply don't have the time and motivation to maintain it.

Advanced Features
Excellia is not going to be a simple server source with the minor standard features every server has. There are some thoughts and ideas for a file server for streaming the cache - or updates to it - to the client. A basic login server has already been made, which allows multiple worlds with cross-world messaging. On top of that, there is compatibility to support multiple old-engine revisions (i.e. 317 and 377).

The aim of the project is to become a full RuneScape emulator. With this in mind I will try to make the contents emulate the original as much as possible. Naturally, the option for letting my and your fantasy take part is always open. But by default, I aim to make at least the skills emulate the original (probably with modified experience rewards though). When it comes to quests, monsters, minigames and similar categories, I have yet to decide my intentions.

Aside of maintaining a high quality, I aim to let Excellia be as user-friendly as possible. For example, the entire project is fully documented and a lot of the code contains comments which guide you as well as myself through complicated pieces of code. Even though the source might never even be released, I want to have it prepared for when I decide it will be.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to ask me any questions.