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  1. Hey Inferno, I have no idea how long it has been bro, but I hope to God you remember me. We used to play together before the old Unscape got shut down, and holy freaking sheet it feels soooo good to be back, you have no idea how sad it made me when it got shutdown. What is up my man. (hopefully this isn't awkward if you don't remember
  2. I PMed you
  3. You didn't asnwer my question in that post.
  4. Whattup man
  5. Man, someone remembers me! lol. Yea, actually i was thinking about my old dude, and i was like, "dude, i used to be like 4th overall!" so yea I'm going to dominate the highscores again Be sure to add me when the server comes out ok? anyways, whats up man.
  6. hey man! long time no see! come to dominate the highscores again?
  7. yo inferno, i don't know if you remember me from old unscape, but its Petey Pablo
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