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  1. Thanks buddy, I found Camtasia, got the video I needed to complete my slayer guide. I just need to somehow upload it and put it in the thread without having to send players to another webpage.
  2. The simplest program would be hypercam, but you can download a trial version of fraps but it will only let you record like 30 seconds.

    You can find a torrent of the full version of fraps on ThePirateBay, that's what I did.
  3. Zach, what program can I use to record a video on my computer?
  4. its okay bro, just hmu asap. i hate not knowning whats up???
  5. Dude, I'm sorry. I fell asleep lol.
  6. yo bro, im here, im straight, but thats besides the point. heres the point im back, i missed u, and i hope u reply very soon
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