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  1. You can check here: link

    Currently set to expire December 12, 2021... not sure why to be honest, I thought it was permanent.
  2. Would you mind telling me how much donator status I have left? Just out of curiosity.
  3. Was going to keep my experience like that for a day or so, but I got bored.
  4. Nice signature
  5. I know it took me 1 day on unscape to hit 85 slayer, but I spent a lot of time mining on the first day. I probably could have been first place in a stat, but the effort I would have to put in is simply just not worth it. As cocky as it sounds, I knew I could beat everyone on here to pretty much whatever I wanted. I'm not going to do a 48 hour mine-a-thon when I may not even be first place lol
  6. 85 Slayer on 07scape yet?
  7. You should spend the 1 hour it takes to get the new update working so people will get on.
  8. When does my name get changed back?
  9. @Smkweed: Well done sir! You tell him!


    (Is that good enough, Evan?)

    *He was already banned by someone else.. not that I would have banned him for a single random insult anyway..
  10. Can you look at the top comment on my profile and take appropriate actions?
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