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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Do you know which sections of the client decide what to draw to the minimap in terms of colors? I.e. sometimes the lines are white, red, etc..

    I believe majority of the time they are white, but I haven't quite figured out what causes them to be red and haven't noticed any other colors.

    I'm working on an image creation for the editor. Was just curious if you knew at all.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. You should downgrade the dedication if it costs that much a month. Shouldn't even have one too be honest. I know you say your internet isn't the greatest, but weren't you able to have 10-15 people online with a small amount of lag.
  6. Well, thank you for the information if I feel like continuing with 317's that'll be very useful. However I was wondering more so for an addition to this minigame idea I was thinking about in one of the posts in the suggestion threads? Either players would be in a death zone type of area like how when you die in Soul Wars or Clan Wars? Otherwise it would be more like a spectating type of setup kinda like on many video games. The idea for additional maps was more if you yourself are able to as I wouldn't want you doing large amounts of work. Mainly I asked because there are some cool area in the higher revisions that would be perfect for a minigame such as this. This would as well require additional objects added for that revision. However I'm sure I can modify the map to use 377 objects instead.
  7. A spectating type of system would mainly be server side.. just mirror output to multiple clients but ignore input from spectators. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

    Bleh.. t's surprisingly difficult to explain maps when I've custom renamed all the methods involved..

    You can do it all in
    - Create new floor/object map ids for the new region, and add them to the arrays in this method along with the region coordinates: (First array = [X << 8 + Y], 2nd array = floor map id, 3rd = object map id).
    - Either add the [floorMapId].dat and [objectMapId].dat files to the cache (I don't know how, never bothered), or create a custom case when those IDs try to load in "private final void ???(boolean dummy)" (~line 583)

    Thats a pretty undetailed explanation, so if you need me to be more detailed let me know
  8. Yes, it should be improved. What I meant though was let's say that the text is all 1 String so he is doing the "\n" stuff. If it's separate strings he can increment it a few pixels. The other issue comes into play if the font has some really weird sizing. Then you wouldn't be able to line any of it up regardless of where it's placed.


    I was wondering how easy is it too add additional maps to the client like past the limit? And a spectating type of system? I'm thinking of some ideas and it would require such things. Just wondering if you have any idea if it's worth looking into or if it's something very difficult.
  9. ADD THIS!! It would take only like 10 minutes!!!! It would be such a nice update!

    @Mike - Doesn't look like it'll be possible to perfect make that straight. Not in the same String anyways. Look like the first "[" is like a few off due to the text in the middle.

    Should just remove the "[" & "]" then center the Green Text a bit better.
  10. Haha thanks
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