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  1. Also, I ran those keys, check Oxygen's visitor messages for what each inventory looked like. I set a new record of 212 keys ran too.
  2. I'm not mad at you mayne It's fine that you did, really. I would've logged out normally but something happened that day and it really fucked me up, I just up and left the house to vent my anger, so in a sense I deserved it. No harm done fren. Ily.
  3. Dude I am beyond sorry, to be honest, I don't remember killing you in the wilderness...
    I know you are an iron man so theres no way I can make it up to you.

  4. Frank, I love you to death, I like you as a friend, but don't ever kill me in the wilderness again. It took 19 hours of continuous game play to get my seers ring back. I've been awake for 34 hours as of now while I'm typing this. Don't ever put me through that hell again, please. Here's what 19 hours of slaying Rex and Prime looks like.

  5. Give this a listen, reminds me of when I used to make mixes for you when you were baked. Good times..
    Log in sometime, say hello.

  6. So, I got banned because of Ben, and now that I look at it, It's funny to see your page, you were at what? 100+ messages? All from me. Haha.
    Anywho, if you want to drop in and say hi over where development is an everyday thing, you can find me here.
    Love you Frank, I miss you dearly. :*
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