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  1. You are right I should just set it as an avatar .-.

    To be honest I couldnt find anything that was a gif to even use so i went with little skeleton dude.

    EDIT: I think im satisfied with my user title being an image saying "this site cant be reached"

    thank you mate
  2. Link aint working so I took a screenshot and set it to that instead.

    Kinda just looks like an avatar when you don't have one though..


    i removed my avatar so it wont look weird if this image would work
  4. I think only admins can set that. Link me the image and I'll change it for you if you want.
  5. Serious question how can i make my user title an image like ripvayne and pk lejand
  6. me to thx
  7. Hey man hope you're doing okay, I miss hanging out in our own little world of Skype and unscape.

  8. montage parodeez will nevur go out of stylee
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