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  1. Heya, could you link me to the npcdrops page again?
  2. HUehehheehehehe
  3. I just lost my shit

    I was waiting for you to teleport to me. lol
  5. Roger that
  6. Might want to block ads coming from battle-scape. Com
  7. Alright. Idunno i was just thinking maybe if it was there people would see it and it'd get them to donate somehow. Pretty arbitrary reasoning :v
  8. I respectfully disagree - I think it would just make it even more cluttered. I do need to lower the "donation target" to match the reduced server costs though.

    I think I'm going to make the vote/download notice dismissable too, for the same reason.
  9. I think the donation progress bar that is on the donation page should be at the top all the pages.
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