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  1. Thanks!
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Hey. What's your Skype name?
  4. Well, there is no minimum.. but given the top 3 entries are rewarded, I'd hope for at very least like 5 people..
  5. Eh, I would enter it. What's the minimum number of people that have to participate?
  6. I would run one if I thought there would be enough interest :/
  7. Ben, is there going to be another SOTW? :l
  8. Ohh.....Okay. Thanks Ben!
  9. You can only switch tasks if:
    - Your current task was assigned by one of the 2 harder slayer masters (Vannaka/Falador or Duradel/BD).
    - You are switching to an easy task (Turael/Varrock).

    If you try to swap an easy task for another easy task, it wont let you.
    If you try to swap to a non-easy task, it won't let you.
  10. Hey, if you ask the slayer master to switch a task, instead of getting a new one he repeats the last thing he said.
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