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Developing updates takes a lot of time, and keeping UnScape running isn't free.

While donations are never expected of anyone, they are greatly appreciated and go a long way to helping the server out.
If you enjoy the game and want to support it, donating is a great way to do so.

By supporting the server with a donation, you will receive special Donator status which includes various benefits.
You can read more about the benefits of donating by clicking here.

The minimum you can normally donate to UnScape is $5, which gives you 2 months donator status. There are other options enabling you do donate more for extra time.
Donations are currently only accepted via PayPal.
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Below is a list of users who have graciously donated to help keep UnScape running (Ordered by amount donated, then alphabetically).
Please show them the utmost respect, as they are the reason UnScape is here.
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