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Voting Rewards (This has been very well thought out..)

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I think there needs to be a new method for voting to bring in more votes and traffic.. Here are some possible ideas:

- 1st of all, NOT item/currency rewards.
- Maybe access to a dungeon or something.
- Maybe after you vote, you get a certain amount of time or hits with 2x exp or 1.5x exp.
- A shop with different items in it, not wearable items, but things like keys that open different dungeons or areas, etc..
- Some different non-tradeable costume items.

Anything along those lines, but don't do item or currency rewards, because it will turn into some sort of trashy cliche server with a weird economy that depends on voting, like any other server around these days.

This was just an idea that I think would really benefit the amount of votes we get around here, and definitely bring more traffic to the community.

- Tanner
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  1. Emperor's Avatar
    you alrealy made a thread,so please... why the blog?