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Living In Reverse Mode

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Noticed this on Facebook, thought you'd like it.

Have you ever thought what would happen if you would live your life backwards? Seems like a lot more fun to me!

For starters you stand up from the grave, which is a spectacular beginning. When you get up out of your coffin, you're being welcomed by your family and best friends, so you don't have to make new ones... And they all brought a flower with them!

Then you can sit around for 20 years doing whatever you like. Playing cards, going on trips for half the price, couple of drinks every so often and a monthly contribution from the government... Retirement!

As the years go on, you get more and more motivation to start working. You feel better and better. You can smoke whatever you'd like because your lungs are getting cleaner every day and you can drink anything and everything because the hangovers just keep shrinking. You loose any overweight without having to do anything for it.

In the beginning, you'll only have sex once a year, but at the end 10 times a week. At one point, you have to go to school but since you already know everything, you won't do shit there.

And the final years of your live you can play around in the sand, whine constantly and annoy the heck out of people. And you can eat candy whatever you like because you've lost your teeth already anyway.

Then a couple of months of sibbing on a woman's breasts, another 9 months in a warm mother-belly and then you disappear in one, huge orgasm.

Much better, right?

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  1. Emperor's Avatar
    I wanna have this life :o.
  2. Huku7's Avatar
  3. Squishy410's Avatar
    I read this and almost banned Mike for being a spambot.
  4. Emperor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Squishy410
    I read this and almost banned Mike for being a spambot.
    I was like oh another spambot..but than I noticed "Mike" lol
  5. Ikillyou153's Avatar
    This is brilliant
  6. Mike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Squishy410
    I read this and almost banned Mike for being a spambot.
    You'd get an "not enough permissions" message.

    I really liked it, and kinda knew you guys would, too.
  7. Kid Ownage's Avatar
    Hahaha, great life that is, wouldn't mind it myself tbh.
  8. Ripvayne's Avatar
    You won't disappear right off, for a while you get the honor of living in your dad's testicles.
  9. Ang's Avatar
    sick yeah and it would be like the family guy episode of you livng in a city of testicles and everythings legit till he gets younger before his balls drop then your explode and disappear then the monks believe you go back to the grave and start back over another life.
  10. Squishy410's Avatar
    Your penis would get smaller. Fuck that.
  11. Andy1985's Avatar
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