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The Truth about birthdays

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We all know birthdays, it's like another holiday. The truth is, your birthday is a celebration. It's a celebration for you surviving how ever many years. For instance, when a 13 year old turns 14 he gets a "celebration" on the day he's born for surviving 14 years. So, when you lean the truth (in my opinion) birthdays seem alot less exciting.
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  1. Pk Legend's Avatar
    err..... that's... uhh..... interesting...........

    I don't really think people care anymore about surviving another year. With so much new technology and advances in medical sciences, people can live MUCH longer.
  2. Unborn's Avatar
    Birthdays are just a tradition. Survival is not considered a goal in modern society.
    In times when survival was a goal.. I doubt people celebrated birthdays anyway.