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Whatta Big Load Of Gossip!

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Well, this is my first Blog. Oh GAWD! It's already boring the hell out of you. Oh well, let me just get on with how awesome my vacation was in Florida. No, not the rapper you idiots. The state.

So I went to Florida for 10 days and it was pretty cool, got like 10 PS3 games all on sale and even went to Universal Studios in Orlando. But, unfortunately could not ride Harry Potter... because even when the park first opened, it was a 3 hour wait. Yeah, erm.. fuck that. Maybe next year. So, this... is where my blog get's interesting.

I was shopping in a plaza in Tampa, when I hear my name being called, (not my real name - rather my username - Yomite) and I turn around to find this one teenager running towards me. I of course ask who he is and I find out it is Pyjama One! (A good contributer to this community I shall say back before the shutdown). So we get talking and it was just so cool and interesting to meet my first UnScape player in real life. Now you all probably wonder if I told him if UnScape has returned, which I did... but he said he's moved on, playing World of Warcraft and such. Even though that was a bit disappointing, meeting him was probably one of the greatest holiday highlights ever. His real name, well.. I think I'll leave that out.

Anyways, I ask you this question just in time before my next blog, If you were given an oppurtunity to meet any UnScape player in real life, who would it be? Why?

Who knows? I might just end up in your town, shopping at your local mall!

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  1. Squishy410's Avatar
    I want to meet Zach and give him the gift of the internets.

    And cool blog
  2. Inferno's Avatar
    I'd meet you Braddy boy, or Evilfit (Gab). My two bestest internet budds
  3. Ikillyou153's Avatar
    I would meet Ben and get back at him for all the times he beat me

    And how did he recognize you in real life? Creepy O_o
  4. Ripvayne's Avatar
    I don't know who I'd meet. Maybe Ben, him or Gage. Haven't had a good talk with Gage in a long time.

    @Dan. <3