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The Amazing Blog of Ripvayne - Congratulations, Mike! - 1/19/11

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For those who might not know, we have a new Administrator to the Staff team here at UnScape. We're happy to include Mike (aka The Eternity) to our panel of Administrators, and welcome him to the life of "fr33 st00f pl0x", "can you spawn?", and "do you know Ben irl?". These questions will become essential Mike, as you will likely be asked them a MINIMUM of 3-100 times each time you log in.

You've proven yourself to be one of the most respected member of the community and even came out as one of the most decorated members of the UnScape Awards 2010. Which also brings up the noble act of giving up the "Best Known Player" title to the rightfully deserving Dan (aka Squishy410).

Thanks Mike, for being a dedicated member of this community and being a good example for the rest of the members of UnScape. We salute you!

With further adieu, I dedicate this video in your honor.

In other news... ...are you with Nikke? Click Here.


  1. Collin's Avatar
    Congratz Mike I do believe the Gold and Blue suits u best!!!! =D
  2. Revolution's Avatar
    Congratz, Mike.

    And yes, I AM with Nikke.
  3. Mike's Avatar
    Thanks guys.

    And thank you Zach, for this blog. I sang along the whole song.

    Love ya all!
  4. Unborn's Avatar
    VIVO has blocked the video in my country, on copyright grounds. :/

    But yes, Congrats Mike!
  5. Squishy410's Avatar
    Yeah bitch, it's my award.

    Nah, Love ya Mikey

    Well deserved, well deserved.
  6. Huku7's Avatar
    congrats, mike
    can i has fr33 stuff pl0x!
    nah just kidding