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The Amazing Blog of Ripvayne - Updated Whip Model Tutorial, Windows - 1/31/11

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Hey folks, this is just a quick tutorial for those of you that would like the current model of the Abyssal Whip.
Notice: Make sure you do not have the client open while you do this, or it will not work.


Note: Adding the updated whip does not change anything about it other than it's stats.

Okay! First off, you'll need to download this Whip Package, and extract the folder inside of it to your desktop.

Once you open the folder, you'll see 4 files, the only files you need to worry about are 5409.dat, and 5412.dat. These are the models for the whip.


Okay, now don't touch these right now, instead. We're going to open the Client's cache so that we can insert the models.





Once you're inside the models folder, you'll see a list of .dat files. Do not touch them, instead go back to the whip_package folder, which should be on your desktop, or wherever you decided to save it.

Take the previously mentioned 5409.dat, and 5412.dat files, and drag them into the models folder, with the rest of the .dat files. Once you do this, close the folder.

At this point, if you've done everything correctly, you're done. It is now safe to open the UnScape client. Once you login, you should have the updated version of the Abyssal Whip. Enjoy.

If you have any problems, post them here.

Updated 1 February 2011 at 05:25 AM by Ripvayne

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  1. Unborn's Avatar
    I already knew how to do this, so I skipped to the random video that always seems to amuse me at the end of your blogs.... and it wasn't there!
    This blog receives my vote as "average".
  2. Ripvayne's Avatar
  3. Ripvayne's Avatar

    The Lord of MTS
  4. Unborn's Avatar

    "Embedding disabled on request. Watch on YouTube."
  5. Ripvayne's Avatar

    I shall fix, AGAIN.
  6. Unborn's Avatar
    Oh well, I watched it anyway...
    I bet those guys seemed as straight as you could get in their day.
  7. Ripvayne's Avatar
    Bahaha. It's actually fixed this time.
    I'm sure people thought they were fruits.
  8. Ripvayne's Avatar
    Bumping for prosperity.
  9. Collin's Avatar
    Zach when i download it those files do not show in the folder. If you can help me please do.