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my day so far.

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well guys i just started my weekend.... allready boring but it all good my mom just got home and were watching were the wild things are.. i think it looks kinda sketchy watching 1 little kid with hella big ass monsters if i was the kid i be hella scared.. but anyways that preety much it or and im talking to tyler on facebook(noobster) and he was telling me he got his phone tooken from a bus driver... how do you get your phone taken by a bus driver weird. right well i told him to walk home and he said he did. i notice it raining so his day sucks like mines lol
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  1. Huku7's Avatar
    I think the kid in the movie is kind of weird. It seems like he has anger issues.
  2. Adgasca's Avatar
    i just like how the monsters wanted to eat him at one point and i like how the goat got his legs hit by a rock and did a funny ass flip!!! i was rolling when i seen him do a 720 in the air. i didnt like how the ending was so dumb....
  3. Huku7's Avatar
    Did you see the part when the bird got his arm ripped off?
  4. Adgasca's Avatar
    hahah yea and thoughout the movie he has a stick for an arm. lol did you seen when they throw the racoon and was like richard?