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Continued Inactivity and Troubles at Home - 6/12/13

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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd type up a blog and update you guys on my inactivity from the community.

The home internet was shut off back in March, so I don't have any real way to return until this problem resolved. I hope that will be soon though, I haven't even had the opportunity to train my Mining yet! By the time I am able to return it is likely we will have already been introduced to the next skill.

Anyway, there have been quite a few complications going on within the family and I thought I would share them with you.

A couple of weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. Which is cancer of the kidney. She's been having a lot of intense pain in her side since around October of 2012. It was only recently that we discovered that she had a mass growing on her kidney which turned out to be cancerous. Fortunately, we caught this early and she is going to be sent to Ohio State to receive the appropriate medical attention that her situation warrants
Chemotherapy is largely ineffective against kidney cancer so it is likely they will simply cut out her kidney. We are all confident about this, but the situation is still worrisome. My grandmother, her mother, died of renal cell carcinoma.I have high hopes for my mother though. Shes a fighter.

Just a week or two after my mothers diagnosis, my father suffered a relatively strong heart attack. Thankfully it did not claim his life. But the doctor did find four areas with severe blockage and scar tissue around his heart. The blockage ranges from 65% to 90%. So to tackle this, he will be going under the knife tomorrow and will have to endure open heart surgery. They're going to perform a quadruple bypass surgery. They're going to take veins from his legs and graft them to his heart to help combat the blockage and hopefully save him from any more heart attacks. This is a very serious and complicated procedure. During open heart surgery there is always a chance that the patient will die right there on the table. So it is a risky situation, but it has to be done, otherwise my father wouldn't be here with us much longer anyway.

He will also have to take part in some serious lifestyle and diet changes. I will be going through this with him to cope with it easier and use it as an opportunity to turn my own sedentary habits around so that it don't need to worry about this happening to me.

So hopefully everything will go smoothly within the coming weeks. I am hoping for the best, but anticipating the worst.

And with that, goodnight!
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  1. Unborn's Avatar

    Seriously though, that's fucked. :/ I hope everything goes well and everyone in your family emerges from this healthier than ever.