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i did something guilty

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let's find out what guilty thing that i did.

one day i was in mosque pray at 4 am when i finished i decided to walk to my house alone with out going with my dad in the car. so i start to walk , but i realised that there is someone stalking me i look to my back and it was cat who stalking me i try to shoo him away but he is not scared so i carry him and i said to myslef let's take him to nice place so there was a nighbore he is police
do you know what i did? i throw him into that house but the surprise thing that there is police dog here what happend the dog start ruf the cat star meow the nighbore screamed and i run away. The poor cat got scrash every where.

the good thing that no one knows that i was the guy who did it.
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  1. Emperor's Avatar
    What the actual fuck
  2. Br0's Avatar
    Sorry for late reply.

    The dog kill that cat.
  3. Inferno's Avatar
    This is why I'm proud to be Canadian