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This blog is mainly for the description of the difficulty level for the songs I taught myself. The easy ones consist more of bar chords and strumming (Green to yellow), while the harder ones consist of hammer- ons, fast strumming, chord pulling, and difficult chords (Red-Gray). Green is easy, Yellow is mild, red means difficult, Blue means it requires semi-expert, and Gray means you must be an expert. Now for the list:

(Good Riddance) Time of your life- Green Day
FreeFallin'- Tom Petty
Every Rose has it's Thorn- Poison
Tribute- Tenacious D
Panic Attack- Dream Theatre
Satch Boogie- Joe Satriani
Welcome Home- Coheed and Cambria
Guns of Summer- Coheed and Cambria
Kickapoo- Tenacious D
Serpent's Tongue- Crimson Armada
Guardian- Crimson Armada
Eruption- Van Halen
Gimme Half- Devil Wears Prada
Dez Moines- Devil Wears Prada
Hot for Teacher- Van Halen
Painkiller- Judas Priest
Escape- Devil Wears Prada
Wake Up- Suicide Silence
Revelations- Crimson Armada
Hit the Lights- Black Tide
Warriors of Time- Black Tide
Again- Black Tide
Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls
Daylight Dies- Killswitch Engage
Pull me Under- Dream Theatre
Down with the Sickness- Disturbed
Architect- Crimson Armada
Surfing with the Alien- Joe Satriani
Master of Puppets- Metallica
Enter Sandman- Metallica
Don't Talk to Strangers- Dio
Battery- Metallica
One- Metallica
Abracadabre- Elena Seigman
115- Elena Seigman

EDITED AS OF 5/18/11:

Not Ready to Die- Avenged Sevenfold
Facebreaker- Divine Heresy
Start the Shooting- Day to Remember
Desecrated- Crimson Armada
Monument- Day to Remember
Dueling Banjos- Hayseed Dixie

EDITED AS OF 5/31/11

Foreplay/Long Time- Boston

For now, that's all the songs I know on Guitar. After I teach myself a few more I'll add some. BTW: These songs came in order of learning, not in any other order.

Updated 1 June 2011 at 03:09 AM by Wolf (Adding More songs)

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  1. Gage's Avatar
    Damn man, those are some pretty good songs on there not going to lie I envy your patience.. I play drums, but I don't think I could learn all of those songs
  2. Wolf's Avatar
    Well, after you play a few really hard songs, everything is easy. Once I learned "Panic Attack" through "Guns of Summer" every song after was easy, since my fingers got used to prolonged use, just gotta practice, practice, practice. xD