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I have been known to drop my comments anywhere and everywhere. If you are similar just come in and post a comment and let me kno wht u thnk of certain topics. I would love to respond to your posts and I most likely will.

I believe that someone who can speak up is showing who they are. Not afraid about wht to say. Standing up for others, so if u have something to say drop me a message.

Now to more inportant information,

I would like to have your thoughts on the game and if it is reaching your expectations. Yes i realize telling me will not change a darn thing. Still let me kno things.
Example: If you could change one thing in game what would it be?
Answer: I would change the experience it takes to get 99.

So if you would like to let me konw how the game is to you, plz do!
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  1. Unborn's Avatar
    You would change the XP it takes to get 99? To make it easier or harder? Why?
  2. Squishy410's Avatar
    Penis mts mts
  3. Collin's Avatar
    Its an example Ben?! > lol