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Brimhaven Dungeon Tour! - 6/4/2011

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Hey everyone! This video is quite late, but it's here! It's a video tour of the Brimhaven Dungeon that was
added to UnScape back in February. (I know, it's been 4 months. Don't kill me!)

Before watching the video, here is what Ben had to say about the update.

Quote Originally Posted by Unborn View Post
Hey guys,

While the Dragon's lair may have served UnScape well, it was brought into the game when we had a very small player base with a maximum of about 10 players online at once. It has been a part of UnScape for years now, but with the introduction of single-way combat (No piling NPCs) there just wasn't enough Dragons for everyone.
Due to this, today we say goodbye to the Dragon's Lair, and hello to the brand new Brimhaven dungeon!

The Brimhaven dungeon is a massive new dungeon, containing a total of 208 monsters and introducing 9 new species!
These monsters include all the Dragons (excluding KBD), and completely New-to-UnScape monsters including Lesser demons, Greater demons and Black demons.

For more information on the brimhaven dungeon, see the thread here: Overview of Brimhaven Dungeon

You can reach the Brimhaven dungeon via the teleport which has replaced the Dragon's lair teleport. Before you can venture into the dungeon however, you will notice you need to get past some vines which require an axe and a woodcutting level of 40.. something which doesn't take much time at all but will hopefully encourage more players to train their woodcutting.

Just before you reach the vines, you will find a new NPC to talk to called "Saniboch". Saniboch is showcasing UnScape's new Dialogue system, which will eventually be working with all of the NPCs in UnScape.

(The link inside the quote leads to a map of the dungeon, check it out!)

Here is the video!

There was an accident where the music paused. Sorry about that, folks!
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  1. Unborn's Avatar
    I watched about half of the video (until the music stopped) before I realized that I already knew all of this.

    Nice work
  2. Squishy410's Avatar
    It's a video.


    Birmhaven Dungeon.

    Good job, Zach