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The Amazing Blog of Ripvayne - Internet! 5/7/2011

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This blog is a few days late, but I'm just informing everyone that I once again have a home internet connection!
Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help or have any problems in the community. I'll do what I can to sort it out.

In other news... my friend and I are taking an Interactive Media program at school. Here's one of our videos.
(Yes, the big guy is me.)
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  1. Sean's Avatar
    love the vid, im so happy your back zach!
  2. Ellune's Avatar
    Hey Zach.
    No ones ever going to hang out with you.


    I lol'd. Like, legit.
  3. Mike's Avatar
    Great to have you back for real mate

    Love the vid C you around soon
  4. Unborn's Avatar
    That video was fucking epic lmao Loved it
  5. The Fallen's Avatar
    all i can say is..

    WHO ever the fuck parked that car at 25 seconds.. needs to be kicked in the head.

    nice vid tho
  6. Ketsandra's Avatar
    Welcome back zachy. I missed you.
  7. Nikke's Avatar
    Lol'd at the vid dude, it was awesome