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Excellia - The Engine

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Iíve spent quite some time on writing a proper engine which could support all required types of servers for Excellia.

In my mind, the engine had to support at least the following:

ē The game server, which basically deals with player login, rendering and lower-priority I/O, and;
ē The login server, which deals with saving/loading and also lower-priority I/O, and;
ē A friend server.

Even though Iím not quite sure wether or not I will use a separate engine specifically for the friend server, I want to leave the option open. I shall most likely integrate it with the login server and just listen on the very same port as the regular. I donít find it necessary to create separate server software specifically for dealing with friends and private messaging.

Letís get back on topic though. The engine is almost completely finished. Iíve squeezed out even the tiniest bits of performance and I must say itís showing quite some impressive results.

Aside of the possibility to submit work to the engine, it also provides several utilities which help managing other stuff such as events and packets. But more on that later.

I will now focus on the networking, which I want to make as flexible and powerful as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Updated 3 August 2011 at 11:25 AM by Mike