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Ripvayne's Happy New Year - 1/2/2012

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Happy New Year everyone! How did you guys spend the holidays? For Christmas I sat on my ass playing MineCraft all day. As the usual, however, for my New Years I went to a totally awesome bro party and just had a good time in general.

So yeah, that's my fun. How about you guys share your New Years stories?

In other news... I made a new blog logo!



  1. Mike's Avatar
    Here's my new years eve;

  2. Ripvayne's Avatar
    I'm jealous.
  3. Gage's Avatar
    Lol Zach, you looked like you had a very good time i'm assuming. also, I second Zach's statement about the jealousy. XD
  4. Ikillyou153's Avatar
    Haha, that duckface