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Forum Punishments

Mar 18, 2014 - 7:35 PM - by Trogdor
Trogdor's Avatar
Forum Infractions and Punishments

Over the past few months I have had to give out a pretty large amount of infractions on the forums, and almost all of them have been met with complaints from the recipients. I feel like everyone here needs to be reminded of some of the more important forum rules.

Generally speaking, a forum infraction is actually a very mild offense. It takes quite a few infractions (5-10 depending on the severity of each) before you get any REAL punishment. Not to mention that the default expiration for an infraction is only 10 days, meaning you won't have any points on your account 10 days after you receive the infraction.

There are other infractions that you can get, but these are the main ones that people are usually infracted for.:

-Your REPLY is clearly off topic. Actual posts CANNOT be off topic, but they can be pointless and the pointless ones will probably just be closed.
-You are flaming someone. This is rather difficult to define, but the rule I go by is a post with a strong insult (stupid, ignorant, idiotic are mild insults and will most likely NOT be infracted) or a post which has the sole purpose of insulting someone.
-You respond in a flaming manner to someone who is flaming you. There is a report post option on the bottom left of every post, and a staff member will see it and handle it.

When you appeal an infraction, it helps if you act mature and give a valid reason on why you don't deserve that infraction. These are NOT valid reasons:

-"He started it"
-"I didn't directly insult him"
-"X-mod didn't infract me for it so I shouldn't be infracted"
-"X-player didn't get punished but I did even though we both trolled"
-"I was only joking"

Even if you are only joking, keep in mind that you are not the only person who sees it.
Quote Originally Posted by Unborn View Post
This isn't in-game where only people present can see the messages.

In real life, verbally abusing someone is public is Disturbing the Peace.. which is exactly the same as it is here.

I'm a lot more strict on the forums than I am in game because on the forums you read the thread, and then you have time to think about what you are posting and you can also edit your post later. In-game conversations are usually more spontaneous and in the moment instead of thought out replies. The forum's community has been in the past a way of sharing thoughts, ideas, and laughs with other players. A lot of respect for players used to (and still does but to a lesser extent) come directly from posts on the forums and conversations regarding Unscape. Seeing it becoming more and more of a place for childish disagreements is actually pretty disheartening for me.
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Wilderness Chest adjustments

Feb 16, 2014 - 2:44 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar

Just letting you guys know that the loot from Wilderness Chests has been adjusted to be more useful.

Examples of some of the items now available in Wilderness Chests
First of all, Chaos dwarves now have a slightly higher chance of dropping keys.
To counter this, the chance of getting trimmed armor from the chest has been reduced to match - so the chance of getting trimmed armor as the result of killing a dwarf is roughly the same.

All of the rare hats (Boaters, berets, cavaliers) have not been changed and remain at a 1/1000 chance each.
Robin hood hats have been made slightly less common (They used to be as common as any piece of trimmed armor: 1/200. They are now roughly 1/333)

The previous junk loot (untrimmed armor/weapons) has been mostly replaced by things that are more useful/valuable - Dragon bones, ores/bars, logs/string, runes/arrows, food/potions, etc.
Also added includes various dragon items, strength/glory amulets, and obsidian capes.

So.. yeah. Have fun!
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Saveable loadouts!

Feb 10, 2014 - 9:27 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar
Saveable loadouts!

A new feature has been added today - savable loadouts!

A new button as been added to the bank interface, taking you to a list of your saved loadouts.
How does it work, you might be wondering?
  • Step 1) Equip items, hold items in your inventory, etc.
  • Step 2) Open the saved loadout screen, and click the + button.
  • Step 3) Enter a name for the loadout (Color codes ie @red@ are permitted)
  • Step 4) The game will remember what you were wearing and holding, and enable to you instantly switch back to it by clicking on the newly created loadout at any bank.
Free players are able to create 5 loadouts - which should be more than enough. If not, Donators are able to create up to 20 loadouts.


In addition the the saved loadouts, some new information overlays have been added to the game.

While at barrows, you will notice it now tells you which brothers are still alive (and once you've found the entrance to the tunnels, it marks that too).

You can also activate a slayer overlay by right clicking on a Slayer gem, which will add your current task and remaining kills to the HUD. The overlay is automatically turned off if you do not have a Slayer gem with you.

There were also 2 other updates to Slayer - the addition of shortcuts to the Slayer cave for donators and players with 90+ Slayer, and a new TzHaar task.
The new TzHaar task is only given by Duradel (so you'll need 80 slayer), and always requires 120 kills - just enough to kill every monster in the Fight caves.

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Max + Completionist capes!

Feb 01, 2014 - 2:39 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar
Max + Completionist Capes!
Introducing the newest content for high-level players, Max and Completionist capes!

The Max cape is available to players who have reached level 99 in every available skill, and can be bought off the Wise Old Man in Varrock for 2,000,000 coins.
It provides roughly the same bonuses as a fire cape, with a larger prayer bonus and a slightly lower strength bonus.

The Completionist cape is a bit harder to get, requiring you to have:
  • Reached level 99 in all available skills
  • Killed Dagannoth Kings 300 times
  • Killed King Black Dragon 200 times
  • Killed Chaos elemental 100 times
  • Completed 200 barrows trips
  • Looted 100 Wilderness chests
  • Won 50 games of God's Glory
In addition to the above requirements, you must also trade in a fire cape and pay 5,000,000 coins to get the cape.
The completionist cape provides the best bonuses to every stat of every cape in the game.

Both capes have fully customizable colors.

The interface for customizing the Max Cape's colors

Have fun!
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Recent achievements!

Jan 30, 2014 - 3:46 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar
Howdy guys,

I've added a new Recent Achievements section to the homepage, right under the list of online players.

The Recent Achievements section lists - you guessed it - recent achievements by players.

Currently these achievements include:
  • Reaching level 99
  • Reaching a multiple of 50m experience in any skill
  • Reaching a multiple of 10m experience in Prayer, Slayer or Mining (starting at 20m)
  • Obtaining a rare/valuable drop from a monster or by looting a chest
    • Such as Barrows gloves, Dragon boots, Chaos robes, Fire capes, Boaters, Berets, Cavaliers
  • Reaching a multiple of 1000 kills in the PK Arena
The recent achievement section will list the 20 most recent achievements.

  • Achievements for every 100m total XP and reaching the max total level have been added.
  • Achievement for unlocking the Completionist cape added
  • XP Achievements are now every 50m, or 10m in Prayer/Slayer/Mining because they were dwarfing 99s - Having 220m XP may be a greater achievement than level 99, but going from 210m-220m xp is far less significant than level 1-99.
  • Item achievements are now grouped per person, showing the latest item they found and the number of other items that would have been in the 20 most recent achievements. You can click the number to expand the list of items.
Currently the website is just filtering out XP achievements that arent multiples of 50m - You will still receive notices for every 10m XP gained, and will not yet receive notices for total level achievements - because the update can't be uploaded without uploading another minor update (that is currently untested with potential to be game-breaking).
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