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Community reforming: new rules

Jun 11, 2014 - 2:31 PM - by Mike
Community reforming

It's been a little while now since Administrator Ripvayne, has given you an update on the rather tragic state of UnScape. In that thread, several loyal members of the community have come forward to admit their mixed feelings about the server: they love it, but currently it is worthless. And we all can't blame each other for having those feelings simply because they are completely justified.

As of that point, however, UnScape's Administrators have collectively decided, in order to pump some life back into the community, a large reform of it and the way it operates is necessary. This means re-evaluating all morals, policies, rules and even features and benefits (as you can see with the activity in the Vote Rewards thread now). Some things will be dropped, some will be added, and many will be changed. This reform will be pushed out within the next couple of weeks as we start having more time on our hands to deal with it.

These kinds of changes take time, however. Almost everything is discussed by Administrators, then Moderators and possibly even regular users, before being applied. It is for that reason that we must ask you to be patient for as long as changes are still in the pipelines. You can always contribute by staying active, coming up with creative ideas and additions and, of course, by voting for us on a daily basis. In the meantime, we shall keep you updated and poll your opinions where we deem necessary. Additionally, all relatively large changes are announced in the Announcements forum (in which you find this thread as well).

For now, here is the first announcement of a change.

New Rules of UnScape

One of the main concerns of almost all players in UnScape, was the fact that it was "run by 12 year-old, annoying little kids" who had no respect for any of their fellow members. In the process of reforming the community for the better, one of the first things we wanted to do is change the attitude that lies within. This means that we had to rethink the rules that we enforce in the game and on the website. And the result is a rulebook that has been entirely rewritten from scratch, all with the new morality in mind.

The staff has been instructed to be more strict when it comes to enforcing these rules. Therefore, punishments that are dealt when breaking them will be more severe than what you're currently used to. To work in harmony with the new rules, morality and severeness of punishments, the infraction system shall be given an overhaul as well (more on this will follow soon). This means that infractions will, as opposed to how it is now, will have a big impact on the way you take part in this community - if it doesn't impact your partaking, it will mean you've been banned.

You can find the new rules by clicking here. You will be notified in time of any changes applied to these rules so you have the time to be familiar with them before proceeding your partaking in this community. The new rules of UnScape will be applied as of today.

Additionally, the above link shall be distributed to players in the following ways, which will be applied as of today:
  • A dismissible notice on the website
  • A link in the second row of the navigation bar on the website (after "Quick Links")
  • Obviously by going into the the Official Messages forum
  • A clickable reminder in the in-game login messages

In other news...
The forum software has been updated to the latest release version, which comes with several bug fixes, security patches and usage enhancements. The new patch is still being optimized to work on the UnScape-specific software layer. More info can be found here.

Thank you kindly for your attention.
Any questions regarding this topic may be asked by replying to this thread.
  6 Replies | 408 Views

Forum software updated

Jun 11, 2014 - 2:27 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar
Hey guys,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that that the forum software has been updated.

The update caused a bunch of problems with things like the customized themes, but the major problems have been fixed now.

If you notice something on the website that seems broken, please let me know by replying to this thread.
  17 Replies | 399 Views

The State of UnScape

Jun 02, 2014 - 10:04 PM - by Ripvayne
Ripvayne's Avatar
I wanted to come forward and address the current state of things, mainly regarding our community here.

UnScape has been around for a very long time now, we will be 7 years old this December. This is grandfather age when you compare it to most other private server communities.

So with that in mind, it needs to be understood that UnScape will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The server will continue to remain online and this community is always going to be around. However, this community is a give and take relationship, and the behavior around here has been unacceptable. There is constant fighting, flaming, spam, and so much abuse is being thrown around between players that something has to be done. I take this personally because UnScape has been a big part of me for nearly the last decade, and not me or anyone else wants to see the community this way.

This is not a call to Ben to ask him to invest more time into development, the speed of development here at UnScape has always been the same. UnScape is not one of these servers like Soulsplit which are only in place as a method of business, those developers over there are out to take money from it's community. We are a much more personal and try to be involved with our community, we are all about the experience and relationships you can make here - like an online game should be. Having said that, you all need to keep in mind that Ben is our only developer he is just a college student, and even though he is fantastic at what he does, he can't pour all of his free time into UnScape, that is simply asking too much. The development of UnScape is the hobby, but the community and the game itself are something else, that's where we spend our time together. Why would anyone want to continue development on a community that consists of a bunch of childish bickering name-calling kids? Why put in the effort just to temporarily satisfy a bunch of people who are going to turn this place into a battleground as soon as things begin to lose a little bit of momentum? I don't see the point. As I said, this community is give and take. The administrators and moderators of UnScape are here to help weed out the individuals who reflect a negative image on our community, but it's you, the players and those who surf these forums that are the foundation of this relationship.

So here are some things to keep in mind, things that you should do to help our community:

1. Before you post, read what you have typed. Is it constructive? Is is legible? Does it provide anything to the topic/conversation at hand? If not, you probably shouldn't post it. Never post anything if it includes an insult directed at another player and don't stray away from the point being made in the OP of the thread. If you see someone being violent on these forums, you can click the Report button at the bottom of that post and the staff will deal with the situation. Do not call attention to someone who is breaking this rule, just report them. I am going to take it upon myself to be very strict when it comes to moderating these forums.

2. If you have an idea and there is something you'd like to see added to the game or any change in particular, you can post a thread about it in the Suggestions subforum. (Click here) Suggestions are evaluated, if there is something the community would benefit from then there is a good chance it might be added.

3. Check the forums regularly and do what you can to partake in conversation. The forums are in many way the backbone of our game, and there is a lot that goes on here that you don't see in-game. This is where you will find information on all of our contests and information on the latest updates.

4. I am still a firm believer that voting for the game will help in the long run. More votes means more visibility on these other topsites which helps gives us more traffic. For this reason I have added a new 'Vote For UnScape' tab to the forum's navbar to replace the notice that we recently removed from the website and shoutbox. Voting at least once a day can help more than you may think!

Also, I am going to make it a personal chore to remove any drug-related material from the forums. I fully support the freedom to use and do whatever you want to with your body, but discussing it and posting big flashy pictures of it is a turn off to a lot of people, so to make the forums more welcoming for everyone, this needs to be something we put a stop to. If you have a lot of references to marijuana in your avatars or signatures then you can expect to be contacted by me soon with a request to remove the offensive material asap. Failure to comply will result in a temporary ban. Feel free to continue drug-related discussion in-game.

So please take what you have read here as a guideline, something to build your behavior on in the time to come. We're all friends here, and we can all get along, it just involves a little cooperation and decency. I look forward to playing with you guys again soon.
  36 Replies | 1,034 Views

Forum Punishments

Mar 18, 2014 - 7:35 PM - by Trogdor
Trogdor's Avatar
Forum Infractions and Punishments

Over the past few months I have had to give out a pretty large amount of infractions on the forums, and almost all of them have been met with complaints from the recipients. I feel like everyone here needs to be reminded of some of the more important forum rules.

Generally speaking, a forum infraction is actually a very mild offense. It takes quite a few infractions (5-10 depending on the severity of each) before you get any REAL punishment. Not to mention that the default expiration for an infraction is only 10 days, meaning you won't have any points on your account 10 days after you receive the infraction.

There are other infractions that you can get, but these are the main ones that people are usually infracted for.:

-Your REPLY is clearly off topic. Actual posts CANNOT be off topic, but they can be pointless and the pointless ones will probably just be closed.
-You are flaming someone. This is rather difficult to define, but the rule I go by is a post with a strong insult (stupid, ignorant, idiotic are mild insults and will most likely NOT be infracted) or a post which has the sole purpose of insulting someone.
-You respond in a flaming manner to someone who is flaming you. There is a report post option on the bottom left of every post, and a staff member will see it and handle it.

When you appeal an infraction, it helps if you act mature and give a valid reason on why you don't deserve that infraction. These are NOT valid reasons:

-"He started it"
-"I didn't directly insult him"
-"X-mod didn't infract me for it so I shouldn't be infracted"
-"X-player didn't get punished but I did even though we both trolled"
-"I was only joking"

Even if you are only joking, keep in mind that you are not the only person who sees it.

Originally Posted by Unborn View Post
This isn't in-game where only people present can see the messages.

In real life, verbally abusing someone is public is Disturbing the Peace.. which is exactly the same as it is here.

I'm a lot more strict on the forums than I am in game because on the forums you read the thread, and then you have time to think about what you are posting and you can also edit your post later. In-game conversations are usually more spontaneous and in the moment instead of thought out replies. The forum's community has been in the past a way of sharing thoughts, ideas, and laughs with other players. A lot of respect for players used to (and still does but to a lesser extent) come directly from posts on the forums and conversations regarding Unscape. Seeing it becoming more and more of a place for childish disagreements is actually pretty disheartening for me.
  2 Replies | 472 Views

Wilderness Chest adjustments

Feb 16, 2014 - 2:44 PM - by Unborn
Unborn's Avatar

Just letting you guys know that the loot from Wilderness Chests has been adjusted to be more useful.

Examples of some of the items now available in Wilderness Chests
First of all, Chaos dwarves now have a slightly higher chance of dropping keys.
To counter this, the chance of getting trimmed armor from the chest has been reduced to match - so the chance of getting trimmed armor as the result of killing a dwarf is roughly the same.

All of the rare hats (Boaters, berets, cavaliers) have not been changed and remain at a 1/1000 chance each.
Robin hood hats have been made slightly less common (They used to be as common as any piece of trimmed armor: 1/200. They are now roughly 1/333)

The previous junk loot (untrimmed armor/weapons) has been mostly replaced by things that are more useful/valuable - Dragon bones, ores/bars, logs/string, runes/arrows, food/potions, etc.
Also added includes various dragon items, strength/glory amulets, and obsidian capes.

So.. yeah. Have fun!
  13 Replies | 1,292 Views

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