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Game is offline?
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Announcement: The Year Ahead

Aug 26, 2018 - 4:40 AM - by Ripvayne
Hello fellow UnScapers! It's time for the yearly roundup!

We here at UnScape Online thank you for your dedication to the game. 2017-2018 have been record-breaking years for the server with all-time high player counts, forum activity, holiday events and QoL-related hotfixes. It has truly been an amazing experience full of incredible updates.

Lets do a quick review of the updates in question:

Wow! What an incredible list. It sure has been an amazing journey. Ben was asked to leave a statement, and had this to say " ", wow, now that's an inspirational message from a truly devoted game dev. We should feel so honored that he is willing to sacrifice so much time an effort and dedication into this game - it's definitely paying off.

We've also hit record-high funding via donations from ordinary gamers like you! This year alone we've totaled a grand whopping total of, like, $36! This is sure to keep our community alive and healthy and reassure Ben that he is doing something right, keep it up everyone!

Now a sneak peek for the updates yets to come, lets go:

Woah! I can't wait to try out these groundbreaking updates. It's going to be a roller coaster of a year.

Please, stay tuned for more info on the latest content being developed, and as always - have fun!

UnScape Administrator
Lord of Dragons
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Bank search, ironman loot changes, death by lava + more!

Feb 21, 2016 - 6:43 PM - by Unborn
Bank search!
Ironman loot! Death by lava!

Introducing a much requested feature by those of you too lazy to organize your banks with placeholders: Bank search!

A new button has been added to the bank interface which when clicked brings up a search bar. Enter the name of an item, and the bank will filter out any items that don't match it.

The search bar supports the use of * wildcards, which match anything - for example, "black * (g)" will match "Black platelegs (g)", "Black platebody (g)", etc.
It also supports searching for multiple keywords, seperated by |. This makes retrieving multiple items much faster as you can type them all at once rather than having to clear the search in between.

Bank search in action
(click for full size)

Ironman characters now have the option to stop receiving duplicate rare loot! [Screenshot]
Ironman characters will no longer receive duplicate rare loot if they are missing other rare loot from the same set, and will instead receive a random piece that they were missing.
For example: If an ironman has full infinity except for the hat, the next time they would receive any infinity item as a drop, it will be guarenteed to be the hat.
This feature is only available to ironman characters, as regular characters can just sell duplicate drops and buy the items they need.
Note: To prevent abuse, if you lose a rare item, the game will not replace other drops from the same set with that item for 14 days.
Current sets include: Infinity, Chaos robes, Wands, Melee DK drops, Range DK drops, Magic DK drops, Trimmed armor, Wilderness hats.
This ability is ON by default, but can be enabled/disabled with the ::togglelootmode command.

You can now jump into the lava in the PK Arena! [Preview]
An option to jump into the PK Arena lava, killing yourself, has been added! This is replacing the donator ::suicide command, which has been removed.
If youíre trying to die quickly, it may still be faster to let someone else kill you - non donators must wait 30 seconds after leaving the safezone before they can jump into the lava, and canít do it if other people are outside of the safezone.
Donators can jump in with other people outside of the safezone, but they still have to wait 10 seconds after leaving it themselves and canít do it while being attacked.

In other news..

Combat tweaks: Your equipment now plays a more significant role (in relation to your levels) when determining your accuracy/defence. Your accuracy (and opponents defence) now has a bit more of an effect on how much damage you deal. In other words, armor is slightly more important now.

NPC Accuracy: The accuracy of all NPC attacks has been lowered a bit, reducing their damage output.

Hill giants: Lowered the stats of hill giants, making them easier for lower level players to kill without using a ton of food.

Item value: Certain high-end gear has had its priority when deciding which items to keep on death changed. Items most likely to be kept on death, in order: Barrows gloves, Completionist cape, Dragon boots, Ancient/master wands, Berserker ring, Chaos robes, Archer ring, Seers ring, Superfire shield, Dragonfire shield, Warrior ring, Godswords.

Brimhaven dungeon: Removed the 40 woodcutting requirement to enter brimhaven dungeon.

Chat limits: The character limit for in-game messages has been increased, so you shouldnít have to worry about your messages being cut off any longer. If the message youíre typing doesnít fit in the text box, it will now scroll left so you can always see what you are typing.

Chat badges: Added mod/admin ironman chat badges and increased the max number of different chat badges supported by the client.

Loadouts: You are now required to have entered your bank pin before you can re-equip loadouts.

Clan chat: You can now add people to your friends/ignore list or send private messages by clicking their name in the clan chat members list.

Superfire shield: Superfire shields will no longer destroy items dropped by assigned Slayer monsters, even when set to fully deflect damage. The maximum number of dragonfire breath attacks that can be blocked by a superfire shield has been lowered from 1000 to 500 - however you can now use dragon shield fragments to fully restore all 500 charges.

Donators area: You can now customize your hitmarks by talking to Larxus. One of the pillars near the magic trees in the donator area basement has been removed, as it was ugly and in the way.

Bug fixes:
Camo top (Vote reward) and Woven top (Donator cosmetic) sleeves are now the correct color.
Right clicking near the minimap while in Barrows in fixed-size mode now properly displays the right click menu.
Lighting fires inside the PK Arena safezone no longer prevents players from jumping back in on the tile where the fire was.

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Superfire shield + Fashion!

Feb 06, 2016 - 9:11 PM - by Unborn
Superfire Shield
+ Fashion!

Introducing the latest in shield technology: The Superfire Shield!
Created by combining a Dragonfire shield with a Dragon sq shield at level 95 smithing, the shield offers improvements over the Dragonfire shield in magic accuracy/defence and allows the user to fully block regular dragonfire attacks at the cost of destroying most items that would have been dropped by the dragon. It also looks pretty damn cool.
The superfire shield is capable of fully blocking up to 1000 dragon breath attacks, after which it will act like a normal Dragonfire shield. You can repair the shield using another dragon shield piece (left half).

Credit goes to Ripvayne for the idea, which was posted in the suggestions forum.

The new superfire shield

In other news:

Fashionscape has arrived! Thessalia now sells colored gloves, boots, and capes. (Screenshot)

New vote rewards: Desert boots (white) and mourner’s gloves (black) have been added as vote rewards, costing 50 points each. Alrena will now also give free replacements for lost legends capes (you’ll need to use it on her first if you purchased it before this update).

Character customization: The ::char command has been removed (Sorry - but fuck commands). Instead, a “customize appearance” option has been added to Thessalia. New players now also start with a randomly generated features, and the character customization interface now remembers your appearance - no more starting from scratch each time!

Mark position on death: Donators will now automatically mark the position of their items if they die, unless it’s somewhere you can’t mark (like the Wilderness). Additionally, marked positions no longer expire after half an hour, and are remembered even if you log out.

Better switching: Increased the time threshold for moving items, making it easier to quickly switch gear even if your mouse moves while you’re clicking.

Longer death timer: Time before other players can see your items if you die has been increased to 2 minutes (from 1 minute), and the total despawn timer for items dropped on death has been increased to 5 minutes (from 2 minutes)

Ironman bugfix: Ironman accounts can no longer drop-trade non-tradable items (like firecapes) to their main characters - not sure why they would want to, but now they can’t.

Clan chat commands: Typing :: commands while on the clan chat tab no longer sends them as clan chat messages

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Activity Highscores!

Jan 30, 2016 - 8:29 PM - by Unborn
Activity Highscores!

6 new categories have been added to the highscores: PK Arena, Fight caves, Barrows, King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings, and Chaos Elemental!

  • The PK Arena category tracks the kills, assists and deaths, as well as weekly kills - of everyone with more than 50 kills.
  • The Fight caves category tracks the number of successful attempts and the best time for each player.
  • The Barrows category tracks the number of times a player has looted the Barrows chest.
  • The KBD, DKS and Chaos Ele categories track the number of kills on each boss, as well as weekly kills.

For this first week only, I'm running a competition for the new highscores.
There can be up to 15 winners, each will receive a partyhat.

Click here for more information

In other news...

Cosmetic vote rewards can now be reclaimed for free if lost! Once you have purchased a cosmetic vote reward, it becomes free to reclaim from the reward shop.
Note: This only applies to items purchased AFTER this update. If you have previously purchased any cosmetic vote rewards, bring the item and use it on Alrena to make her offer you future replacements for free.

Vote points/rewards are now shared between ironman and regular mode! Points claimed and items purchased on either mode are now available on both.

Vote reward price changes:Prince/princess outfits have had their price increased to 100 points per piece, to make them more of a premium voter's outfit.

Legends cape! The legends cape has been added to the vote reward store for the price of 100 points.

Whip special buffed! The abyssal whip now entangles targets for 15 seconds, as opposed to 3. Dyed variants of the whip can now also use the special attack.

Arena potions now have an auto-drink option! Enabling auto-drink will cause your character to drink from the potion every time you enter the PVP zone of the PK arena. You can enable auto-drink on all of the arena potions at once.

New emotes have been added! The Scared, Zombie walk, Zombie dance and Rabbit hop emotes are now available for use.

Amounts on "Select item to make" screen changed: The Make-5 option has been replaced by Make-All, removing the need to enter an amount when fletching, cooking, etc.

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Chat overhaul, voting changes, whip dyes, arena potions

Jan 24, 2016 - 6:58 PM - by Unborn
Chat Overhaul, Voting Changes, Whip Dyes, Arena Potions

  • The in-game chat box has received a major overhaul!
    • Different types of messages (public chat, private chat, clan chat, game messages, trade messages) are now sorted into separate tabs.
    • You can now choose which game messages to see: All of them, only important ones, or none at all. No more skilling spam!
    • You can now stop clan messages showing up in the All tab.
    • Options to PM, add to friends and add to ignore have been added to the right click menu for clan chat messages.
    • Sending messages while viewing the Clan tab now automatically sends them to clan chat, even if the message doesn’t start with /.
    • Messages from the person you are currently trading/dueling now shows up in the Trade/Duel tab.
    • Messages that are too long and previously would have been cut off are now wrapped around to a second line.
    • Message limit has been increased from 100 to 500.

The new chatbox

  • Whip dyes have been added to the voting reward shop! There are 7 dyes (reusable), each costing 100 points each. Dyed whips are not tradable, and will convert back to a regular whip when dropped on death or cleaned with a cleaning cloth (purchasable from general store).
  • New “Arena potions” have been added to the PK Arena reward shop - these potions can only be used in the PK Arena and cost 1 pk point to drink rather than consuming doses.

Dyed whips + Arena potions

  • Voting has been updated - votes are now reset at the same time every day, rather than 24 hours after your last vote. This means you no longer have to vote later and later each day! (There’s still a minimum of 12 hours between votes though)
  • A new vote button has been added to the right of the ingame minimap. The button glows red when you haven't voted that day, and green when you have. Clicking the button will stop the glowing and bring up the 'Vote for UnScape' interface.
  • The voting interface now allows you to claim points from anywhere, and tells you how long until you can vote again.

In other news:

  • Clicking the prayer/special orbs where they overlap the minimap will no longer cause you to walk to that position on the map.
  • Likewise, selecting options from a right click menu will no longer cause you to click any buttons behind it - No more toggling private chat when clicking ‘Make all’!
  • Using items / spells on things can once again be cancelled by clicking anywhere other than a valid target (Last weeks update broke it so you had to right click and select cancel)
  • The new prayer tab has been made more responsive (icons light up as soon as you click them, before server confirmation) and better right click menu text has been added, rather than just “Select” for all the buttons.
  • Altars now restore all of your prayer points at once, rather than requiring you to use it 3 times.
  • Added various icons to the minimap, including all of the teleport levers
  • Attempting to equip a loadout when you are missing multiple of the same type of item will now only mention it once.
  • Creating/deleting/reordering loadouts now works properly with the “Requip loadout” option.
  • Dying in the King Black Dragon or Dagannoth Kings areas will now cause your items to drop outside at the entrance to the area.
  • Fire/max/completionist capes now convert to 1/2/5m coins when killed by another player in the Wilderness, rather than disappearing.

Quite a few things were changed in this update, so it's possible that some bugs slipped through (espescially with that chatbox). If you find any, let me know by posting in this thread (unless it's something people could abuse, then you should PM me instead).

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