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Thread: Benefits of Donating!

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    Default Benefits of Donating!

    Greetings UnScapers! I wanna talk to you folks about Donating and how it benefits our community!

    Our server is owned by Unborn - Ben Corbett, he is an experienced developer and does whatever he can to keep
    our community up and running. However, as a college student, he can't exactly afford to run this beast
    all by himself. When it comes down to it, the server and website cost a good bit of cash to keep running.
    On average our goal is to earn at least $50 dollars in donations per month, this steady income of support is enough
    to assure we can stay alive without worry. This means continued fun, development, and time spent playing the
    game with eachother. This is why we need you!

    On our donation page you will be presented with a few options:

    • $5 - 2 months of Donator
    • $10 - 5 months of Donator
    • $20 - 1 year of Donator
    • $50 and up - Permenant

    By donating to our community, you are granted certain privelages on our forums and within the game that
    are not available to ordinary members of the community. The balanced donator-exclusive features are put in place
    to give you a small edge over other players without allowing you too much of an advantage or being Pay2Win.

    In-game Perks

    • The Donator's Guild! This guild contains several shops with cosmetic gear and skilling equipment that you can't find in any other shops through out the server!
    • Underneath the Donator's Guild is the Donator's Dungeon which house special creatures which provide excellent XP when training combat.
    • This Dungeon also has a bank right next to a few Mining, Woodcutting, Smithing, and other skill plots.
    • Our donators are given a plethora of extra Bank Space. More room to store your skilling resources and other valuables!
    • Donators are granted the ability to fletch arrows!
    • You will be able to display a red dollar sign next to your name, showing off to everyone that you've helped keep our community afloat.
    • Access to the Dragon Pickaxe and Dragon Hatchet which provide excellent XP boosts in Mining and Woodcutting. They look awesome too!
    • The ability to use the Mark and Recall spell which allows you to set your very own custom teleport.
    • Donators are given early BETA access to certain major updates likes skills, minigames, etc.
    • Donators are allowed to purchase and wear skillcapes for unreleased skills.
    • As a donator, you can change the color of your hitmark and damage!

    Forum Perks

    • The red dollar symbol and red display-name will make your posts stand out from the rest of the community.
    • Donators have their very own exclusive section of the forums.
    • Donators have the ability to set their own custom title which will display next to all your posts on the forums.
    • As a donator, you can request a name change as long as the name you desire is not taken.
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    Remember guys that as donating we aren't required to earn benefits for our generous nature, our benefits are gifts and privileges. Even though having these cool rewards is awesome, we still need to realize when the asking stops. The staff team has been nice enough to listen to our suggestions but I recommend we appreciate what we have here now, because it is quite a bit that we've recieved.

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    unscape may be free to play, but it definitely isn't pay-to-win.


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