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Thread: Random old unscape pictures i found in my photobucket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    lol this thread was made in 2010 got bumbed into 2012 twice and 2016 once
    Woah, edgy dude

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    It's quite amazing how old this server is and I am still very grateful that of all the servers I have played this one continues to stay strong.

    I do have to say I miss the whole custom bonuses and craziness this server had. However the awkward part was I pushed hard for a change to a more "rs" like combat system lol. Go figure when it comes back online in 2010 that is one of those changes.

    I also still have no idea how I had this random urge to search this website in January to find out it was back on only 9 days prior.

    Still hoping some day for Runecrafting **cough cough** I mean only made a massive post on it back in 2008 no big deal right . I'm sure even when I'm 70+ I'll be saying -> "Unborn where is my runecrafting...!".
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    i remember when the website was orange

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