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Thread: Server Media?

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    Default Server Media?

    Well I think a decent idea for the front page for new players who have first time visited the site / logged in. Should be to present them with server media front and center. Ideally also having a button next to vote to always view it as needed.

    There is definitely a decent amount of content in this server that is either underutilized or newer players simply wouldn't know it exists just by logging in. Not only that, but it's not very straightforward on what you should do as soon as you log in.

    To promote getting decent and well made videos you could have contests for each type of media. One video per situation.

    E.g. the following could be some ideas:

    Banking System - Loadouts, Item Hold, Deposit Inventory/Equipment.
    Getting Started - NPC's to kill for Good Loots / EXP.
    Clan Chat - including the global "Help" chat for assistance.
    Bosses - including massive drops + recommended gear + getting to each.
    Areas to Explore - Teleports and what each can provide.
    Minigames - Rewards and playthroughs.

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    I don't think he means a tutorial, but a showcase.

    Images and clips of video that would show off the features of the game.

    I actually created a mockup of something like this when I was trying to sketch out ideas for the websites layout.

    I think this would be a wonderful thing to add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithbludude View Post
    This is a great idea. This will definitely allow the new players to learn to play without struggle.
    Yeah the Unscape learning curve is really huge.

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