Whats up my old fam. I just stopped by to plug a couple of my new songs, I remixed Sucker for Pain and Believer by Imagine Dragons and made them my own tight little rap tracks. I would really appreciate if you guys checked them out Believer is my personal favourite song I've ever released (so far.) I haven't shared any of my music with you guys in a long time and I've been getting better every day! I actually recently joined the 2nd biggest Battle Rap league in Canada (Smoked Out Battles) and won my debut battle with a judges decision of 4-1, and I got invited to battle again January 20th! Anyways, give it a listen and if you're vibing with it drop me a like, subscribe to the channel, and if you really want to help a brother out share the video for me!

Believer (audio only)

Sucker For Pain (w/ lyrics)