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Thread: Chat overhaul, voting changes, whip dyes, arena potions

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    Default Chat overhaul, voting changes, whip dyes, arena potions

    Chat Overhaul, Voting Changes, Whip Dyes, Arena Potions

    • The in-game chat box has received a major overhaul!
      • Different types of messages (public chat, private chat, clan chat, game messages, trade messages) are now sorted into separate tabs.
      • You can now choose which game messages to see: All of them, only important ones, or none at all. No more skilling spam!
      • You can now stop clan messages showing up in the All tab.
      • Options to PM, add to friends and add to ignore have been added to the right click menu for clan chat messages.
      • Sending messages while viewing the Clan tab now automatically sends them to clan chat, even if the message doesn’t start with /.
      • Messages from the person you are currently trading/dueling now shows up in the Trade/Duel tab.
      • Messages that are too long and previously would have been cut off are now wrapped around to a second line.
      • Message limit has been increased from 100 to 500.

    The new chatbox

    • Whip dyes have been added to the voting reward shop! There are 7 dyes (reusable), each costing 100 points each. Dyed whips are not tradable, and will convert back to a regular whip when dropped on death or cleaned with a cleaning cloth (purchasable from general store).
    • New “Arena potions” have been added to the PK Arena reward shop - these potions can only be used in the PK Arena and cost 1 pk point to drink rather than consuming doses.

    Dyed whips + Arena potions

    • Voting has been updated - votes are now reset at the same time every day, rather than 24 hours after your last vote. This means you no longer have to vote later and later each day! (There’s still a minimum of 12 hours between votes though)
    • A new vote button has been added to the right of the ingame minimap. The button glows red when you haven't voted that day, and green when you have. Clicking the button will stop the glowing and bring up the 'Vote for UnScape' interface.
    • The voting interface now allows you to claim points from anywhere, and tells you how long until you can vote again.

    In other news:

    • Clicking the prayer/special orbs where they overlap the minimap will no longer cause you to walk to that position on the map.
    • Likewise, selecting options from a right click menu will no longer cause you to click any buttons behind it - No more toggling private chat when clicking ‘Make all’!
    • Using items / spells on things can once again be cancelled by clicking anywhere other than a valid target (Last weeks update broke it so you had to right click and select cancel)
    • The new prayer tab has been made more responsive (icons light up as soon as you click them, before server confirmation) and better right click menu text has been added, rather than just “Select” for all the buttons.
    • Altars now restore all of your prayer points at once, rather than requiring you to use it 3 times.
    • Added various icons to the minimap, including all of the teleport levers
    • Attempting to equip a loadout when you are missing multiple of the same type of item will now only mention it once.
    • Creating/deleting/reordering loadouts now works properly with the “Requip loadout” option.
    • Dying in the King Black Dragon or Dagannoth Kings areas will now cause your items to drop outside at the entrance to the area.
    • Fire/max/completionist capes now convert to 1/2/5m coins when killed by another player in the Wilderness, rather than disappearing.

    Quite a few things were changed in this update, so it's possible that some bugs slipped through (espescially with that chatbox). If you find any, let me know by posting in this thread (unless it's something people could abuse, then you should PM me instead).

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    Keep the streak going

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    these updates are better than billy mays products

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    I like how it flashes red when you have not voted, however could we have it just remain a solid green when someone has voted? I feel like it's yelling at me that I have voted and is an eye-sore lol. Or instead of being green, it should be a picture of your head and a thumbs up haha.
    When something is flashing you're meant to click on it. It means you have unclaimed points. Clicking on it will stop the flashing.


    Apparently the ingame timer is a bit broken. I can't look into it right now but I will when I get the chance.
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    Wonderful! *starts reaching for my wallet* xD

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    Now we have a awesome news
    I had dream I was king, I woke up still king.
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    So many new updates! Unscape is coming back baby!

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