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    Hey guys if any of you want to take a shot at this go ahead, if I am extremely pleased I'll give you 40m cash ingame. I am looking for a really nice job on this one.

    I want a transparent signature containing these two images spliced together in a very sleek and colourful way.

    1st image:

    2nd image:;s_Mask.png

    Use the head-demon-thing from the first image, make it transparent, and add the horns from the second image (or any other image of majoras mask from google, whatever size you need it to be) without messing up the demon head. Add some neat effects and make it say Onelove somewhere. Good luck

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    Tell me if that's what you're looking for. I'm amazed this server has a lot of votes. There is hardly anyone on. Do you know why? Lol

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    I try and vote daily and I know others vote so perhaps it's adding up

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    I am looking for more color, and maybe the mouth from the puscifer logo image to be put on the majoras mask as well.
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