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Thread: Vote Rewards Improvement: Activity Streaks!

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    Default Vote Rewards Improvement: Activity Streaks!

    Hey everybody! As we all know, activity on the server has slipped again, and it's up to us to find a way to keep new players active enough that we can actually back up to having 10+ people online all the time. I was thinking about how we could reward players for playing every day, and this thought occurred to me:

    Activity Streaks

    The idea is simple! Reward players for voting every day. There would be a multiplier that would increase the amount of reward points you get for voting, this multiplier would increase slightly every time the player continued his Activity Streak, but would reset to 1 if the player didn't vote in a 24 hour time period.

    1st Day Reward 1x - 10 Points (15 for Donators)
    2nd Day Reward 1.1x 11 Points (17 for Donators)
    3rd Day Reward 1.2x 12 Points (18 for Donators)
    4th Day Reward 1.3x 13 Points (20 for Donators)

    We could improve on this even further with larger multipliers for voting every day for a week straight, for example it would jump from 1.6x for 6 days to 2x for 7 days. What do you guys think?
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    its a really good idea although i dont think ben would do it

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    It's a really awesome idea but it should definitely have some kind of cap on it. =p

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    This suggestion is great but as said above it would need a cap on it.

    However as far as activity goes, this won't guarantee more people online each day. Since you don't have to be ingame to vote people will just visit the forums to do that.

    My only suggestion is that if your computer can handle it, double or triple log. Talk to everyone online and ask to do things ingame TOGETHER. Doing things together and chatting keeps people occupied while they play. The more people that appear to be online... then a few more will come on. This can atleast bring us up to 10+ real players on, not 4 people that are logged on to multiple accounts.
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